DIY pics from various projects

3rd August 2014

Genelec 1031 cold solder repair

SH101 tuning pcb repair

Yamaha 02R repair

Sequential Circuits Pro-1 keyb

Midibox SID V2 worklog [in progress]

27th Februar 2014
Driessen MIDI SID 64

This is a blog for my MidiboxSID, a synthesizer that has MOS Technology SID sound chips from the original commodore 64 personal computer from the 1980′s. These sound chips are called the SID 6582. I want to build the synth into an original Commodore 64 computer case since I have a few left. Read the rest of this entry »

Live 9.1 Suite takes long to load and too long to save !

18th Dezember 2013

Hi there,

I using the lastest Ableton (often beta) version 9.1. Loading a project took me like half an hours or something similar,  so I searched the internet to locate the problem. For me the solution was to delete a file called  “files.db”. On my MAC I found this under:


My files.db was nearly 2GB. After I deleted the file loading was under a minute !
Warning! If you try it you may loose some settings. But I found it worth it.
I also found out that the files.db grows and grows by the background task “ableton index”.


I decided to continue doing DIY projects

2nd Dezember 2013

I decided to continue doing DIY projects. In the next weeks, months, years (hehe) I want to:

-finish my Midibox SID V2 (in progress)
-improve my Waldorf/Access Microwave 1 programmer (in progress)
-update my ML303
-build 2 more ML303 (since I already bought the stuff)
-finalize my 9090
-do some circuit bending
-repair my MonoPoly
-mod my Korg Poly800
-mod my SH101

etc etc…

PLS011 – Bukaddor & Driessen – Hold the Newspaper // Be my Guide

1st Dezember 2013

buy it, play it, chart it ! Thank youuu !,u~7000044385,p1~mp3/xe/details.html″ target=”_blank”>


Artist: Bukaddor & Driessen

Title: Hold the Newspaper / Be my Guide

Label: PlusMinus Recordings

Format: Digital           

Cat.No.: PLS011                    

Releasedate: 28.11.2013

File Under: Deep House / Tech House

Tracks: 1:  Hold the Newspaper  2:  Be my Guide


Our 11th release comes from the german based producer duo Baggy Bukaddor &  Jürgen Driessen. You may know Bukaddor mainly as a part of the brilliant duo Bukaddor & Fischbeck (MBF records) and Driessen as a part of Mutekki records. PlusMinus No.11 includes two deep techy, somewhat melancholic and infatuating club tracks which perfectly show the labels emotional psycho edge.

Your support and your feedback are essential for us. So please send your feedback to info [at] plusminus-recordings [dot] de